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Searching is used in My Stuff and Explore to make finding scenarios, adventures, and posts easier.


The three/four tabs shown at the top are Scenarios, Adventures, Saved, and Posts. Saved shows bookmarked entries and is only available in My Stuff.

Search Box

You can search using the search bar at the top of the page. This limits the results to only those for which the tags, description or title includes the search. This is not a smart search so word order matters a lot. Note the results are still sorted by the sort setting rather than how relevant they are. Search results are the only current non-visual effect of tags. Starting a search with # makes the search limited to only entries with that tag.


The Refresh is for refreshing the list of adventures/scenarios. If you played your own adventure recently and it doesn't show up. Click the icon that has a almost circle and has a arrow on the end of the tip. This will refresh the list and a message above will appear saying "Refreshing your search index. X left to go!"

Multiplayer Only

Is a toggle that toggles whether only multiplayer scenarios/adventures are shown.

Time Frame(Explore only)

Time Frame can either be Today, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, or All Time. This removes options that are older than that amount of time, although this only really matters when sort is set to top. This setting also doesn't work when accessing a search result by using the search bar.

Published Only(My Stuff only)

Is a toggle that toggles whether only published scenarios/adventures/posts are shown. It filters to only scenarios/adventures/posts of that status.


Sort can be either new, top, recently updated, or trending.

  • Top sorts by scenarios with the most upvotes.
  • New sorts by the scenarios that were most recently published.
  • Recently Updated sorts by how recently the content was last changed.
  • Trending sorts by trending. This is also only available in Explore