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An Adventure, also known as a "Story", is an individual text-adventure record within AI Dungeon. Adventures are self-contained, and do not affect each other.

Adventures do not have a set end (unless you die on Hardcore Mode), and can be continued until you decide they are over.

How to start a adventure

There are two ways to start a adventure, or "story". You can start by pressing the "New Singleplayer Game" button, which will allow you to go to a menu of options. From there, type in the number for your preferred choice i.e. *I choose 1 (fantasy), then I choose 1 again, which is a knight.*

See also... Default Prompts

This is usually the most easiest way to begin a adventure, but there is a another way.

By using Scenarios. These are the "prompt" of a adventure, created by you, or another user. In order to begin a adventure with a scenario, you can choose one from explore, or simply go to My Stuff to play your own ones by pressing the play button.

Playing a adventure

When you've successfully chosen your options, or pressed play on a scenario, you'll see text appear, and generate before your very eyes.

You'll first start off with the normal commands such as undo, redo, remember, alter, and retry (depending on whenever the creator of the scenario has changed the gamemode, in which case see Game Mode). You can use these commands to increase AI coherency by removing its incoherent moments.

Two of your greatest tools are Remember and World Info, these can be used to create a world around your story with long term consistency. See those articles for help with usage.

You can also optionally use Quests, these can be used to set a direction for the player.

Input Type

Main article: Input Type

When playing an adventure you will need to choose an Input Type Do and Say are good for when playing AI Dungeon like a text adventure, as the AI uses > to distinguish your actions. But when trying to control the story, or when trying collaborative writing, you can use Story.

Edit Adventure menu


Title always makes a scenario/Adventure stand out more. Most creative titles of scenarios/adventure make them stand out and makes them popular


Description describes the Scenario/Adventure's prompt and with a description that describes the scenario/adventure will mostly like make the users look into what the scenario/adventure has in store.


Main article: Tags

Both scenarios and adventures have the same tagging system.

In order to find tags.

  • Left sidebar
  • My Stuff
  • Click on either the scenarios section by clicking the button "Scenarios" or the button "Adventures". By default it's on the "Adventures" section.
  • Click on any adventure or scenario, depending on what section it is
  • top right
  • A button that has a square with a pencil on which, this is where you edit adventures/scenarios
  • Scroll down a bit and you should see "Tags"
  • Click on it and write something
  • Once your done, press your enter button, this will make it as a tag.

The tags will be also visible when it's not public and it's in your "My Stuff" section. Note that tags can include spaces.

Special tags

The #nsfw tag is used to designate not safe for work scenarios that are not shown in explore when safe mode in on, this can be added manually, but will also be added if certain words are detected.

The #scripted tag can be used to show off scripting scenarios. Note this tag was included in the announce of scripting to make it easier for people to share scripted scenarios.


Main article: NSFW

The NSFW toggle will flag your story as having NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content, and will automatically apply the #nsfw tag to your adventure. Adventures with this toggled on will not be shown to users who have Safe Mode activated in their settings.


The Published toggle will post your story to the Explore page for other users to experience.

Safe Mode

Safe mode will try to prevent nsfw generation in your adventure.

3rd Person

AI Dungeon will usually process your actions in 2nd Person. "You are thirsty, so you grab a much and knock it back for a refreshing swig of ale!"

RPG stats (experimental)

RPG stats are a way of playing your adventure in a RPG system way, this feature at the moment is premium-only and it only works in "Do" mode. The stats change depending your output


Music allows you to select from three tracks to play in the background of your scenario if the player has music enabled. The options are FANTASY, CREEPY, and SCI-FI, and is defaulted to NONE.


Main article: Game Mode

AI Dungeon can be played in three different modes in your adventures. CREATIVE, ADVENTURE, and HARDCORE.

CREATIVE mode is the standard AI Dungeon experience, where you have full access to Undo, Redo, Alter, Memory, and Retry.

ADVENTURE mode adds a level of difficulty to the experience, where you lose access to Alter, but retain access to Undo, Redo, Memory, and Retry. In addition, dying in this mode will end an adventure!

HARDCORE mode takes the difficulty of Adventure mode one step further by denying access to Undo, Redo, Alter, Memory, and Retry completely. This mode will also end a player's run if their character dies! Not for the faint of heart!

World Info

Main article: World Info

World Info allows players to add extra information to the worlds of their scenarios that will only be used when certain keys are activated. This can be used to provide definitions for anything from character and place descriptions, to explaining objects and verbs. Only world info that have visibility toggled on can be seen from here.

Suggested Actions

Main article: Commands

Suggested actions have 4 different actions that you can choose from.

Save function

Main article: Scenarios

The Save function was added in order to prevent any data loss, as supposed to a bug that happened a while back.

Copy/Duplicate function

Main article: Scenarios

The Copy/Duplicate function works the same way on how you would copy/duplicate Scenarios