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Commands are the main functions of AI Dungeon gameplay. They include Alter, Undo, Redo, Pin/Remember, and Retry. These are the buttons above the input field, but they can also be accessed by using a /, which is how they got the name "commands."

They are as follows:

Undo - Undoes the last message.
Redo - Brings back undoes and retries.
Alter - Allows you to edit the messages.
Remember - Allows you to list important details you wish for the AI to remember at all times.
Retry - Retries the output. Especially useful for retrying something that you don't like.
World Info - gives you a list of WI entries (the same menu in Scenarios/Adventures)
Report - Gives you a mouthful list of what to report and including nsfw content
Rewind - Gives you the ability to rewind to the actions you undid/retried

If you have more commands enabled than can fit on your screen, then the commands are split into pages you can switch between with arrows.



Undo reverts the last message, whether it's yours or the AI's. This is especially handy if the output is starting to loop, or is nonsensical.



Redo reinstates the latest undo or retry at its original position in the history.

  • Redo can be utilized multiple times until there's nothing left to redo.
  • Clearing an input or output via alter exempts it from being retrievable via redo.



Alter allows the user to edit previous inputs and outputs.

  • Correcting details and grammar is important to prevent the AI from repeating mistakes.
  • Commit your edits by pressing the submit icon and discard edits with the exit symbol.
  • Navigate through the history with the back and forth arrows to make alterations on specific inputs or outputs.
  • You can click the text and alter in a easier way than before. You can also click the IconAlterMore.png icon and it'll open up five options
  • Cancel, which cancels the alteration
  • Undo, undo's the action you have clicked on
  • Delete, which deletes the action as said earlier
  • Report, things that you can report that you may be similar with.
  • Undo to here, if you happen to have some story that you wanna undo to, you can do that so on clicking a action and then clicking the "undo to here" which will undo to the action you had clicked on.
  • The IconSendArrowTransparentTiny.png which will just make you submit the alteration, same way it would with the older alter


Main article: Remember

Remember reveals a text-box that contains the user- defined memory.

  • Remember is the primary method of manipulating the AI's context.
  • Characters exceeding the 1000 character limit are excluded from the AI's context.
  • Press the IconDiscardXTransparentTiny.png symbol to discard changes and the IconSendArrowTransparentTiny.png symbol to commit changes to the user- defined memory.



Retry discards the current output before generating a new one.

  • It is recommended to utilize retry whenever the AI derails the story or provides nonsensical outputs.
  • It might be necessary to undo or alter prior actions if retry consistently fails at providing coherent outputs.

World info

Main article: World info

World info gives you a list of WI entries (the same menu in Scenarios/Adventures). It's also a shortcut and a easier way to see what world info you have added.



Report is a way of reporting nsfw material and future use for kid-friendly AI model.



Rewind/Restore Will able to restore an action that you undid/retried, you also will have the same alter menu.

Tips for commands

  • Do not mention that something doesn't exist in the adventure or the memory, this is a common mistake among new players or when it comes to certain things. The AI has no concept of "No."
  • /remember is basically the shortcut of the Pin/Remember button. This was used in the early days of AI Dungeon, but is barely used anymore. However, it is still an option.
  • /report is the same way of pressing the report button