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This is a list of known AI Dungeon developers.


  • Nick Walton - The original creator of the game
  • Alan Walton - Nick's brother and a early developer of the game

Other Developers

Shown below are other developers in the format discord name - special information

  • ai102
  • clairescout
  • Crowe - Works on security and user research
  • DevLama - "yes, I do know that I spelled llama wrong in my name"
  • jimboslicethat
  • LadyRadiance
  • Mavrick - "Does Whatever's needed"
  • parzival
  • Squibs - Manages the Support email
  • WAUthethird - Owner of the official Discord
  • Zirc - Works primarily on scripting and has a large presence on the discord

Honourable Mentions

  • Cayla - worked on UI
  • Ben - worked on AI science stuff