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AI Dungeon has had more than one official Discord server in its lifetime. This article covers both.

Latitude Games

Latitude Games is the current official Discord server, run by the Latitude team with the assistance of a volunteer moderation team. The server features announcement channels for both manual and automatic announcements about the game, as well as discussion channels for AI Dungeon and Voyage.

AI Multiverse

AI Multiverse is the Discord server formerly known as AI Dungeon. Due to extreme controversy in April 27th, 2021 leading to unprecedented backlash from the community and outside sources, the server was eventually rebranded to cover general AI entertainment rather than focusing on AI Dungeon or other Latitude products. The server still features a channel for AI Dungeon and Voyage discussion as well as announcement channels for both it and other AI storywriting services which were created and rose in popularity shortly after the initial controversy. The server is no longer considered an official Latitude community in any capacity.