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Explore is a page to designed to help players find scenarios, adventures, and posts created by other players, and publish their own for the world to see.

Explore Entry Format

At the top: Author's icon and name. If they have a premium subscription, it can be seen beside their name.

Middle: The title, followed by a short description

Bottom: Tags, creation date and time, and buttons for upvoting and commenting with counts for both.


Main article: Searching

Sorting is used to sort scenarios and adventures to make them easier to find. Sorting options can be found by clicking the filter icon to the left of the refresh icon. Explore also filters out scenarios with the #nsfw tag if you have safe mode on in settings.


Each published scenario/adventure/post has a comment feed open to everyone sorted by top by upvotes. You can access comments by either clicking the comment icon from the main explore page or on the scenario's page. Comments can also have their own comments, which can have their own comments, etc.


Reporting can either be done through the ellipsis (...) icon in the top right from the main explore page, or via the report button on the scenario page. When reporting a scenario, you must provide a reason. The applicable reasons are:

  • It should be NSFW
  • It's spam
  • It's abusive/harmful
  • It's unallowed (rape, pedophilia, discrimination, etc)
  • I just don't like it

This will then provide an optional box for extra comments before submitting the report.


The Published slider in the settings of a Scenario, Adventure, or Post makes it publicly viewable by other players using Explore.