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Welcome to the Editing Guide!

I'm putting this together to show you all exactly what needs to be done on this wiki and how you can do it.

- Raccoon

Quick tips for Wiki Markup

Part of the usefulness of a Wiki is that it has a lot of symbols you can put in to make it do things.

When you're working on an article...

  • Remember that the top bar has a bunch of formatting things, or learn the codes.
    • You can use double/triple single-quotes: '' creates italics, ''' creates bold.
    • Use equals signs, =HEADING 1=, ==HEADING 2==, ===HEADING 3===, etc, to create levels of headings that start sections.
    • Use <code>CODE HERE</code> blocks to help make things like commands stand out.
  • You can (and should) link any word/phrase that you think could have an article by surrounding it with [[]] brackets.
  • You have access to some useful "Templates" which you can include with {{}} brackets.
  • It is acceptable practice in Wiki culture to copy sections from Wikipedia articles into your own Wiki, as long as you use the {{WP}} tag.

For more information on how to format an article, look at the MediaWiki manual.

Also, remember that we want this to be an effective help-resource for people to look things up at. Try to give your articles some thought, polish, and care for accuracy. Remember to collaborate on it: hopefully we have a place on Discord to do that soon.

List of common Templates

  • Use {{stub}} to leave a note that that article could contain a lot more info.
  • Use {{WIP}} when you've made an unformatted pile of text
  • Use {{inuse}} to tell people you are currently making a lot of big edits and don't want someone else to mess with it until you're done.
  • Use {{WP|PAGENAME}} on articles/sections where you've copied large swaths of information from Wikipedia. (replace "PAGENAME" with the title of the Wikipedia page)
  • Use {{inconsistent}} to note that information you are putting in isn't universal, such as advice that other people don't give.
  • Use {{speculation}} to note that information in a section with info about using AID which is not founded in hard facts.

What needs to be done

There's now a list at Help:Editing/TODO.

There's a lot of stuff that needs to be added, and some (but NOT ALL) can be found in these two places.

  • Stub Articles have been started but not fleshed out.
  • Red Links are links to pages that don't exist but something should.
    • NOTE: some of these would be better as #REDIRECTS to larger articles that consolidate them, or may even be just different spellings of existing articles: keep an eye out!

I'm also putting together a "Scenario List" for the most notable scenarios, and a "Labs" section for recording experiments on the AI. Expect to see those up eventually.

Sources for Information

Basically, we need to copy information from other sources and get it onto here.

  • The Discord has a bunch of information posted on it.
  • AI Dungeon Itself has a help screen and various tips that have been posted as Scenarios.
  • Wikipedia - There's information there about AI, GPT, and AID, much of which should be on here. We don't need as much detail, but a primer would be nice.