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There are four different input types that a user can make in AI Dungeon; Do, Say, Story, and Continue. The various input types determine how the user- input is handled before being processed by the AI.


Do will add > You to the beginning of your statement and convert any first person references outside of quotes into second person. This will be recognized by the AI as an action, and it will react by telling you the outcome of that action within the context of the story.

Due to the way the AI processes input, you can break out of the effects of > by putting in one or two new lines, and the AI will read it as if it is part of the story and not a command to be questioned.


Say is an input type similar to do, but will add > You say to the beginning of your input, and will wrap your input in quotation marks if you do not add them yourself. This is essentially do, but a shortcut for speech. The AI will treat it similarly to a Do command, in that it will treat it as an action.


Story allows you to feed an input directly into your adventure. This makes it possible to force certain story events to happen, write actions from different character perspectives, have the AI generate physical descriptions, and a multitude of other interesting possibilities. It is also important to note that a story input does not need to be a complete sentence, which allows the AI to autocomplete the input. Because story does NOT add a > You to the beginning of the input, the AI does not see it any different than its own text about what is happening. However, you can add > yourself followed by the name of another entity to take an action as a character other than your own.

All of these factors make Story the most versatile input type, but also the trickiest to use correctly. For example, some common issue are double quotes indicating characters speaking not being closed automatically, and nothing will be transformed into its correct case. Not addressing either of these two issues will lead to a reduction in output quality. This has been observed multiple times, as the Discord API Bot uses story mode exclusively.

Some Story examples:

Dr. Kessel agrees to join you on your quest.
You examine the knight and see
You think about the top three reasons why you want to go fishing:



Continue is an empty input that prompts the AI to continue generating text without inference from the user.
A continue input is made by simply pressing enter or send without providing any text.