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Multiplayer is a special mode in which players can invite other players to play AI Dungeon with them. Multiple players can play at once, and the stories are usually character-based. In addition, all stories have 3rd-person mode on, to assist with the special perspective needed to facilitate the mode. Multiplayer is not turn based, so any person can send inputs to the AI at any time. The model used for multiplayer is the same as the host's model, so if one person playing has Premium it is recommended they host so the game uses Dragon. All players in a multiplayer game can use commands.

3rd person

You can turn on the 3rd person option by:


  • Top left sidebar
  • My stuff
  • Click on any scenario you have
  • Scroll down until you see the "3rd person" option
  • Toggle it on


  • Top right sidebar
  • Edit adventure
  • Scroll down until you see the "3rd person" option
  • Toggle it on

Common mistakes and problems

  • The AI tends to use the 2nd person perspective when 3rd person mode is on at times. To fix this, it is recommended that a player uses alter (the pen icon) and retry. This should be done immediately when You appears to avoid the AI from continuing to use it.
  • Some people take their turns way too fast and occasionally one action gets left behind and the other user's input takes over, this is why turns are often enforced in the context of multiplayer. Turns can be an easy way to organize who does the action to prevent overlapping.
  • AI quality is generally lower in 3rd person compared to 2nd person. This makes alter and retry really important.

Inviting people to multiplayer games

After starting a game you can invite people to it by opening the right sidebar and clicking Invite Friends. You can use the bottom three buttons to share the link on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. You can share to anywhere else by copying the text in the text box and pasting it where you want to share it. You should be careful about sharing it in public places, however.

Finding people for multiplayer

If you are looking for people to play multiplayer with, the official Discord server is a good place. It has a channel specifically for discussing and sharing multiplayer games.

Joining a multiplayer game

You can join a multiplayer game by clicking the invite link. This will send you to the app or website with the game open. When joining a 3rd person game, you will be prompted for a name that takes the place of You in Do and Say. You cannot change this name later, so choose carefully.

Banned Words List

Main article: Settings

Banned words list are for filtering certain words that may be sensitive to some extent or uncomfortable to look at. Thus, this where the filter comes in handy