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"My Stuff" is a page of which consists of adventures you have played, the scenarios you've made and/or user-made scenarios you've played (which are converted into adventures when you play them). It allows you to easily browse, read, and play all of them.


Main article: Searching

Searching allows you to more easily find your scenarios and adventures. Note that unlike explore, this will show your unpublished scenarios as well as ones tagged with #nsfw when in safe mode. My Stuff also shows bookmarked entries in the saved section. In addition to your adventures, My Stuff also shows multiplayer adventures you have joined, and allows you to leave games as well.

Create Scenario Button

This button appears when filtering for scenarios and will direct you to a freshly created scenario, which will prompt you to input the title, description, Prompt, Memory, Quests and Tags. See Scenario for more information.


Posts being blog-like system for users to post about content in AID, etc, instead of ranting in scenarios and being (highly) requested thing in AID for some time. Posts are in their own section just like the rest. They are made only of a Title, a Description, tags, a NSFW setting, and a published setting.