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OpenAI is an Artificial Intelligence research laboratory that developed the transformers GPT-2 and GPT-3. They also provide the API that AI Dungeon currently uses to access GPT-3. Although it was founded as a non-profit, it currently runs as a capped profit company. It is considered a major competitor to Google's Deepmind.


OpenAI's long term goal is to develop AGI(Artificial General Intelligence) that has a positive effect on everyone. It was founded by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and others, but Elon musk later stepped down to only a donor, citing conflicts of interest with Tesla's AI program. Although it was started as a non-profit, it transitioned to its "capped-profit" model of having a for profit company run by a non-profit company. They made this transition so they could better compete with other for-profit AI Labs, such as Google Brain, Deepmind, and Facebook. Many in OpenAI believe that the misuse of AI is humanities greatest threat.


AI Dungeon uses OpenAI's API to access GPT-3. The API is the only current way to access GPT-3, due to OpenAI's AI Safety concerns. It is also a major source of money for them, which they need because training Neural Networks is expensive.


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Gym is a project designed to provide a standard benchmark for General Intelligence algorithms.


RoboSumo is a project to test AI's ability to learn Sumo against other AI's.


Dactyl is a project in which a real world robot hand is trained to manipulate objects based on information gathered in a virtual environment. Because the virtual environment will never be fully accurate to the real world, to make it work, they trained it in many different simulated circumstances to get it to learn a more general method that would work in the real world.



Musenet is a project to generate MIDI music


Jukebox is a project to generate general music and as such, unlike Musenet it can produce vocals.

OpenAI Five

OpenAI Five is a set of five bots that compete to play Dota. They perform well and beat 99.4% of matches against the general public and beat the top Dota team at the time.