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Quests are tasks which the user's character performs within the world of the Adventure. There is an algorithm that uses T5 to detect when quests are fulfilled. Quests currently don't affect the AI generation directly, and are therefore largely visual. Quests have a character limit of 100.


Using Quests

Quests can be accessed through the quests menu. You can only have one "active" quest at a time, which is at the the one with the arrow pointing towards it. Once a quest is completed it will be grayed out and put at the bottom of the quest box. You can select an active quest by clicking on it in the quest box. You can add quests by entering the quest you want into the box and pressing enter. You can remove any current quests by clicking the x button to the right of them.

Quests can be added to a scenario via the quests box. The creator can add multiple quests by separating them with newlines.