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This is a directory of notably-interesting or high-quality scripts.

Title (linked) Author Description
EWIJSON Zynj Fine-tuned manipulation of world info and context especially when using regex.
Import/Export World Entries Zynj A script to allow importing and exporting world info from text.
Multiplayer player management Zynj Create a blacklist and a whitelist for multiplayer.
World Info Extender Zynj Extend the length world info lasts for and allow modifying front memory from world info.
Random Placeholders kimtaengsshi9 A script that allows use of random placeholders from a predetermined list.
AI Worldinfo Varkarrus Auto generate world info using frontMemory.
Simple Context OnePunchVAM Manipulate context and keep the AI on track with a user-friendly pseudo-EWIJSON-lite.
Encounters Gnurro Create dynamic game events and random encounters.
Inventory thaalesalves Inventory and equipment system with commands.