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The Settings are used to personalize and improve your AI Dungeon experience.

Getting to Settings

  • Click on the Left Sidebar (3 Bars on the Top Left)
  • Click on Settings

Game Settings

Safe Mode

Moderates the use of explicit content in both the user's input and the AI's output.

  • Strict
    • Restricts the majority of explicit content to provide a safer experience.
  • Moderate
    • Allows the use of some explicit content.
  • Off
    • Disables the safe mode filtering.

Action Scores (Experimental)

Action scores are random-and-random-morality that will be given by a certain bot and will be randomly dependent on your output.

AI Model Type

The AI Model Type allows the user to select which AI model they want to generate outputs for their adventures.

  • Griffin is the free model, selected by default.
  • Dragon is the premium-only model.
  • Classic is the GPT-2 model used when AI Dungeon was released. It does not use Energy, regardless of subscription.
    • The benefits of the dragon model and its paywall stem from the same source; its much larger size makes it capable of yielding better results while simultaneously being cost-intensive when generating outputs.
  • When playing multiplayer sessions, all users will be provided with outputs from the model and settings that the host of the session has selected.

Generation/Retry Ranking

Generation/retry ranking is a filter that reduces the probability of external characters (e.g. Count Grey) and events being introduced into the story on initial generations. It'll not impact any overall distribution of possible answers when doing retries.

  • "Filter" is the main option, on by default, it'll filter out the most reoccurring names like, kyros, dr. kessel, etc.
  • "Classic" does not have any filtering and it'll have the reoccur names appear more, though there isn't too much of a subtle difference when you select this option

Show Do / Say / Story Button

Determines whether the input type button on the left side of the input box should be visible.

  • It's toggled on by default thus allowing you to cycle through the various input types by pressing the button on the left side of the input box.
  • If it's toggled off then you must input the associated commands to change input type.
    • For quick-reference, the substitute commands are /do, /say and /story

Default Game Mode

Determines the default input type that's used for the user- input.

  • It's recommended to set this to your preferred input type to avoid having to cycle through the types each time.
  • The selectable default input types are Do, Say, and Story.

Show Command Buttons

Toggles the visibility of the commands buttons above the input box.

  • It's toggled on by default, thus displaying the buttons associated with the various commands for easy access.
  • If it's toggled off you are forced to input the written commands prefixed by / if you wish to utilize them.

Show Icon Text

Toggles the visibility for icon text, the text will show up above the icon and only in the box that it's in

  • It's toggled on by default, recommended for beginners to understand what each command is called

Display Command Buttons

Provides a toggle for whether or not each Command should appear when playing.

Show Tips

Determines the visibility of the on-screen tips that are displayed in the center of the screen, above the input box, when within an adventure.

Show Feedback Popup

Controls whether or not the Feedback window pops up automatically during gameplay.


Determines the 'randomness', the technical term is temperature, of the AI's output.
Finding the 'perfect' randomness setting is highly subjective and requires experimentation.

  • A value of 1.0 is the default, and recommended value.
  • An increased value yields more 'random' outputs from the AI.
    • This tends to have the effect of encouraging creativity, but can also result in more frequent derailments of the story.
    • Higher values are less likely to incur repetition.
  • A decreased value yields less 'random' outputs from the AI.
    • This tends to have the effect of discouraging derailment from the current situation or theme.
    • Lower values are more likely and prone to repetition.
  • Requires Premium to use.


Determines how many tokens, the AI will attempt to output when providing responses.

  • It's not guaranteed to always output the expected length due to certain safeguards intended to improve the user experience.
  • Default length is 45.
  • Requires Premium to use.


Determines if music will be audible/enabled when playing adventures that have a music track attached to itself.

  • A music track must be attached to the adventure for music to play.
    • This can be done via its scenario page or via the 'Edit Adventure' interface when already in an adventure.

Music Volume

Sets the volume of the music.

Play Narration

Applies automatic voice narration of the AI's output, or in the event of a failed input, it will also narrate that.

  • There are seven selectable voices for each of the gendered narrators, male or female.
    • British (English), US (English), Australian (English), German, French, Italian, and Japanese.
  • Requires Premium to use.

Change Voice

Determines which voice-type the automatic text narrator uses.

Narration Volume

Sets the volume of the automatic text narrator.

Banned Words List

Banned words list is a way to filter out the words that may be sensitive to you, it's also effective especially in Multiplayer and prevents users from saying words that you put in the banned word list.

Reset to Defaults

Resets the settings to their default values.

Display Settings

Safe Mode

'Safe Mode' toggles the visibility of NSFW-tagged adventures and scenarios on the explore page.

  • Off reveals all NSFW-tagged content in 'explore'.
  • On hides all NSFW-tagged content in 'explore'.
  • 'Safe Mode' does not filter 'My Stuff'.
  • 'Safe Mode' does not control the generation of NSFW content; see the 'Edit Adventure' or Scenario's setting for NSFW control.

Toggling this off will prompt you on whether you are over 18. If you say you are under 18 it will stay on.


Dark Mode

Changes app from light mode to dark mode. Switches to Light Mode if ticked off.

Black Mode

For those who liked our pure black mode, this overrides dark mode with a black mode.


Changes the primary colors of the app and also changes certain icons with the selected color.

Text Speed

Changes the speed at which the AI Generated text is revealed.

  • Instant, furthest to the left, is recommended for mobile devices if you're experiencing slowdowns.
  • It does not affect the actual generation speed of the outputs.

Game Font

Changes the font of the text the app uses, Which are...

  • Courier
  • Helvetica
  • Times new roman
  • Classic

Text Size

Changes the size of all text.

Text Speed

Changes the speed at which the text appears.

Adventure display mode


View mode prioritizes a smooth reading experience with smart line breaks and no inline editing.


Play mode prioritizes a convenient play experience with smart line breaks and inline editing, but can slow down for long adventures.


Edit mode prioritizes a convenient creator experience, with line breaks between every action, inline editing, and better performance on long adventures.


Accessibility mode prioritizes the screen reader experience, with individually accessible text elements and no typing behavior.

Web Action Window Size

Changes how many actions the game loads while playing on the web. Default is 1000, minimum is 10, maximum is 10000. Consider reducing the window size to reduce lag.

Energy Bar Display Mode

Determines when the energy bar is visible while playing.


Always will always show the energy bar.

When relevant

When relevant will show the energy bar when you're using a model that requires energy.

When low

When low will show the bar when you're using a model that requires energy and your energy is below 100.


Never will never show the energy bar.

Energy Bar Appearance

Determines what the energy bar looks like when playing


Bar shows a glowing energy bar.


Numbers show the current energy as a number.

Account Settings

Verify Email

Will prompt you to verify your email if you have not already done so.

Change Password

This leads you to change your account Password.

Change Email

This leads you to change your account Email.

Change Username

This leads you to change you account Username.

Manage Subscription

Shows your Premium details and allows you to unsubscribe if subscribed.


There are two types of notifications: push and email. You can select what type of notifications you receive.

  • Important Updates: Momentous updates that you might be interested in.
  • Just for Fun: Community events, news, and other fun updates with AI Dungeon.
  • Premium: Updates just for our Premium users.
  • Multiplayer: Updates from your multiplayer games.

Delete Account

Lets you delete your whole account permanently.

Reset Search Index

Reset the search index, can solve problems with invisible adventures.