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Scenarios are user-created templates for adventures, which can be used by other people.

How to create a Scenario

  • Click on the Left Sidebar
  • Click on My Stuff
  • Click Scenarios
  • Click Create Scenario

There are two ways to find a scenario, either by searching AI Dungeon for it in Explore, or by being directly linked.

Places to find links

Reading and Playing a scenario

  • How to read the description:

First, open up the menu which is on the left side of the screen, by clicking the button, you'll see the option "Explore". Click on that page and it'll lead to you the front page of where most creative and top tier scenario are at. This is where you can find both, scenario and adventures, submitted by users or the ones that had adventure on scenarios or scenarios made by users.

  • Where the play button is hidden:
  • Top left corner sidebar
  • Explore
  • Any scenario
  • Click on it
  • Then you should see two buttons on the top left
  • Top right corner.
  • It's a arrow that's facing right beside the three dot button which is the "Share" button.

Featured Scenarios

Featured scenarios are scenarios that are hand-picked by the devs.

  • Where is the featured scenarios hidden at:
  • New game
  • you should see "Featured scenarios" above the multiplayer button

Making your own Scenarios

  • Click on the Left Sidebar
  • Click on My Stuff
  • Click Scenarios
  • Click Create Scenario

Building your scenario

Give it a good name.


Explains the scenario


The main construction of a story and as well the plot


This is where you write things to the memory context so, it remembers certain things of the story. Tips for writing this can be found in memory. Keep in mind the scenario memory can be changed by players.


A way to make your scenario more easy to search e.g: fiction, fantasy, etc.

World Info

Keys are the main thing in the WI (World info) that get triggered when a certain word triggers the key in the adventure.


Placeholder is a way of letting the player, name their character, customize their gender, anything. ${} is the placeholder and it's highly customizable depending on scenario to scenario


You can set the music of a scenario

Scripting is a feature for advanced users, and is covered in Tutorial:Scripting

Things you should know

When looking inside your fellow scenario, there are things that you may are familiar with. Title, Description,Third person(Used for multiplayer mostly), prompt, Memory, Quests,Tags, Scenario And a placeholder for scenarios is this ${} (for e.g ${Your character name}). Then once you play the scenario, it becomes an adventure, the adventure may have the world info inherited (Unless the creator of the scenario has the option turned off, in which it is hidden) so you can go manage the world info in the adventure.

Helpful tips

  • It's always important to Have Creative story plot and environment, and characters especially!
  • World info and the memory is important to make the AI coherent