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Worlds are official premade stories designed to provide a better and more varied experience than normal Scenarios. The first quest for them is AI generated. There are many options for generating a prompt. The options for race, class, faction, and location depend on the world.

  • Character name
  • Gender (Male, Female or Other)
  • Race
  • Class
  • Faction
  • Location

World Events

World Events are events that happen in the world independently of your story. They affect your story and the list of world events can be found in the right hand menu. They are automatically generated and are toggleable both in game and in the prompt selection screen.

Current Worlds

Free Worlds

The World of Xaxas

Description: Xaxas is a world of peace and prosperity. It is a land in which all races live together in harmony. The gnomes build their machines and live among the humans. Elves run the academies in which people come to learn. Ogres have no qualms living in the same town as humans or gnomes. Yet, all is not well.

Genre: fantasy, light

Races: human, elf, dwarf, gnome, ogre, halfling

Classes: alchemist, druid, hunter, paladin, mage, bard, scholar, servant

The World of Kedar

Description: Kedar is a world of dragons, demons, and monsters. These dark creatures constantly war for control of the land, leaving the few human kingdoms in the shadow of a dark and powerful force. But now, the kingdoms of man are fighting back, slowly assembling an army to reclaim their world.

Genre: fantasy, dark

Races: human, half-demon, human-rakshasa, lizardmen

Classes: trapper, bard, warden, ranger, mage, paladin, sorcerer

The World of Winterbloom

Description: Winterbloom is a wonderland, filled with the delicious scents of baking pies, hot chocolate, and fresh evergreen. Year-round, the people celebrate. People dress up in various themed outfits and go to themed stores for themed parties. People decorate their homes with beautiful lights and candles and everyone eats great food and plays games with their friends and neighbors.

Genre: fantasy

Races: gnome, human, elf

Classes: baker, Santa Claus, cheerleader, shopkeep, Grinch, party animal, candycrafter, guild leader, entertainer

The World of Kringle

Description: Santa Claus has been planning to take over the North Pole for years. He has patiently waited for the elves to grow old and weak for his retribution. The time has come. Santa Claus and his naughty rag-tag army of elves, gnomes, fairies, dragons, candycane vampire elves, etc. now control the North Pole, but Santa knows that the North Pole can only remain his if he can conquer all of Kringle. To do this, Santa needs to take out two of his biggest competitors, the Easter Bunny and Jack Frost. Will you help Santa or fight back and help the elves?

Genre: dark, fantasy

Races: North Pole elf, candy elf, snow elf, gnome, fairy, candycane vampire elf

Classes: warrior, ice master, ranger, rogue, crime boss

The World of Gorgon - 300 Scales

Description: Gorgon is the dark and dangerous world of the undead. Gorgon is a world of monsters, swollen with endless armies of the undead, where flesh-eating ghouls rule the world, and all living creatures are at their mercy.

Genre: zombies, monsters

Races: vampire, ghoul, undead, human

Classes: hunter, warrior, necromancer, commoner, zombie, thief, paladin

The World of Toranis - 150 Scales

Description: Toranis is a world of magic, technology, and strange races. Dwarves and elves battle for supremacy in the rugged mountains, while the industrious gnomes built massive mechanized cities powered by the planet's rich magic. The human kingdoms support technological research, and it is the humans who are the newcomers to Toranis. A massive portal opened up a decade ago spewing the humans into the planet with little warning or forethought. They now must struggle to survive and understand the planet they've landed upon.

Genre: fantasy, steampunk, magic

Races: dwarf, elf, gnome, human

Classes: druid, hunter, mage, warrior, mech pilot, mechanic, paladin, rogue

The World of Alarathos - 150 Scales

Description: Not much is known about this world other than it is filled with more terror than any mind can imagine and horrific creatures that could drive a sane man mad. However, it also holds a powerful promise, for the more you delve into its dark abyss, the more powerful you become.

Genre: dark, monsters

Races: undead, human, demons

Classes: wizard, forgemaster, tamer, monster hunter, servant, berserker, sommoner

The World of Besatheus - 80 Scales

Description: Besatheus is a world where civilization has risen and fallen many times, the remains of once great cities litter the land, great statues and towering buildings lie in ruins, and ancient war machines rest on the abandoned battlefields. In this ever-changing and vibrant world the Clans engage in an age old battle of magic and science; where the weak cling to the vestiges of once great civilizations and fight for power over the scraps. The world draws near an end, a great evil has arisen, and heroes must rise to protect what is left and restore the glory of a once great people.

Genre: fantasy, post-apocalyptic, magic

Races: dragonborn, elf, half-elf, human, protector

Classes: pilot, warrior, shaman, tinkerer, scout, knights, mechanist

The World of Guantelet - 200 Scales

Description: The world was once beautiful, every forest flowing with life and every rock lit up, glowing with life. The people were happy and they lived with the animals in harmony. But one day the Hexer Corvan came into power and brought pestilence, disease and decay to the land. Now mist hangs in the air and water is stagnant. Wood rots and stone crumbles. Zombie animals wander the land, and the people have been forced to live in walled kingdomes, cut off from most forms of trade. People hope and pray for a savior. Once this was a paradise, now it is a world of horror.

Genre: zombies, fantasy, dark, magic

Races: dwarf, elf, gnome, human

Classes: farmer, witch doctor, paladin, ranger, hermit, necromancer, hunter

The World of Planet Omega - 500 Scales

Description: Planet Omega is a lush, verdant planet. Inhabited by many different sentient species, Omega has been a peaceful world until the arrival of the Seekers. The Seekers have been traveling from world to world, converting entire civilizations to their cause of tyranny. Once a planet has been conquered, the Seekers and their robotic armies strip the planet bare of its resources, including the lives of the inhabitants. The only hope for Planet Omega is the Resistance.

Genre: sci-fi

Races: human, seeker, dwarf, spider, robot, silithari

Classes: resistant, scout, leader, mech, scientist, space marine, seeker, hawk, android

The World of Orbis - 500 Scales

Description: Orbis is home to countless star systems and a variety of alien cultures. Three distinct factions war for control of the Unclaimed Territories, each with their own noble and morally-grey reasons: the United Planets of Earth who seek to end violent conflict, the Hand who gain strength from chaos, and the Empire of Order whose will is imposed by military might.

Genre: sci-fi

Races: human, android, illuminated, elcor

Classes: medic, hand, bounty hunter, mech pilot, space marine, spy, officer

The World of Maelstrom - 400 Scales

Description: Physics and fate have conspired to confine humanity to the solar system. The Universe has remained persistently silent and there is no hope for faster-than-light travel. Fleeing a warming and overcrowded Earth, wealthy families have constructed extravagant floating arcologies high in the clouds of Venus and domed cities across the slowly greening valleys of Mars. The asteroid belt is an annulus of hopes and dreams, of partially-constructed mining colonies and divergent ideologies, in which the large metal asteroid Psyche is the cultural and financial center. And here, tension is brewing.

Genre: sci-fi

Races: human

Classes: miner, scientist, mercenary, merchant, colonist, pilot, pirate

The World of Procavia - 700 Scales

Description: In the distant future, humanity has been wiped out by a threat it created--a digital plague. Life in the new world is highly advanced. Humans live in a simulated reality, unaware of its true nature, thinking it is their normal world. Outside the simulation, in the real world, a small group of scientists remain that have hidden the truth about the nature of reality. As the truth begins to leak out, the discovery of a rogue message from before the great outbreak leads to the unraveling of the truth of the simulation and a race to save the minds of humanity from the plague.

Genre: sci-fi, cyberpunk

Temporary Worlds

These worlds were only available for a limited amount of time, for an event.


Description: "What lay behind our joint love of shadows and marvels was, no doubt, the ancient, mouldering, and subtly fearsome town in which we live - witch-cursed, legend-haunted Arkham, whose huddled, sagging gambrel roofs and crumbling Georgian balustrades brood out the centuries beside the darkly muttering Miskatonic." - H.P. Lovecraft'

  • This world was available for free during November 2020. It ran a custom model which was trained on the work of H.P. Lovecraft.